Feelin' Bitchy: Funk & Soul [MP3]

Fellin' Bitchy es un disco que recopila monólogos y canciones de soul sisters de los '60 y '70 (las soul sisters son cantantes negras de R&B). Feelin' Bitchy Monologue Medley | Sugar Pie De Santo - I Want To Know | Irma Thomas - Baby Don't Look Down | Barbara Stephens - Wait A Minute | Ruby Andrews - Everybody Saw Yo | Denise La Salle - Breaking Up Somebody's Home | Ann Sexton - It's All Over But The Shouting | Vera Hamilton - But I Ain't No More (G.S.T.S.K.D.T.S. | Denise La Salle - Here I Am Again | Millie Jackson - Loving Arms | Pointer Sisters - Fairytale | Bessie Banks - Try To Leave Me If You Can (I Bet You Can't Do It) | Linda Jones - Precious Love | Millie Jackson - Disco Shit . El diseño de la cubierta fue realizado por Steve Miglio y la modelo es Tamara Dobson.

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