Aquel Abrazo de Gilberto GIl

Aquel histórico abrazo funker "a la torcida de Flamengo" del ex-ministro de cultura de Brasil, grabado en 1969 y prensado en un vinilo monoaural que lleva la etiqueta azul de Philips. "I won’t go too deeply into the cultural implications of the Tropicalia/Tropicalismo movement (more on that here), since I’m far from an expert. The short story is that in the midst of an actual revolutionary movement in the Brazil of the mid-to-late 1960s, there was also a musical revolution, in which artists like Veloso, Gil, Gal Costa, Tom Ze, Os Mutantes, Rogerio Duprat, and Nara Leao mixed native Brazilian rhythms, samba, and bossa nova with contemporary pop music, resulting in an absolutely brilliant, often psychedelic sound." Larry wote. Funky16cormers

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